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4Creeks is building a team that is committed to innovative solutions, entrepreneurial efforts, and cross-disciplinary collaboration.  We’re a young firm, full of hungry and talented professional that are building something great together. If you’re excited to build something great we invite you to find out more about the vision that fuels us.

Current Openings

Entry Level - Eng. Tech (EIT)

Entry Level - Eng. Tech (EIT)

Surveyor (LSIT)

Surveyor (LSIT)

Traffic Engineer

Traffic Engineer


We deal in a world of hard numbers and science. To meet the challenges of today’s business landscape we have built a team of down-to-earth, hardworking folk that consistently achieve great results. We know when to ask the question, “Isn’t there a better way to do this?” and understand the tried-and-true practices of generations that have paved the way before us. We aren’t all that flashy, just a bunch of good-ol’ folks who love what we do and do it well.


We are committed to carving out our little spot in history by making a huge difference for the people we work with and for. Spend a few minutes with us and you’ll understand that we want to change the world, and we’re holding to an unswerving belief that it is actually possible. We’re looking for other visionaries to join our team.


We believe that it is truly better to give than only to get. We recognize that we’ve been entrusted with much and so we want to cultivate an environment of generosity among our staff as well as with our clients. So at 4Creeks we look at our services, time, and people through the lens of “how can we give more to make things great?” Our ability to give our best in order to create impact is central to our work.


A great idea, with a well thought out plan, that is passionately executed is really exciting to us. You’ll find that around our office our principals and staff are regularly caught dreaming up a new business ideas and scheming with others. 4Creeks is built with an entrepreneurial backbone that connects all our different ventures, and we are ready to hear your brilliant ideas and possibly make them a reality.


We love youthful energy and zeal. Whether you are in the twilight of your professional career and ready for a change of pace or just getting out of school, 4Creeks buzzes with the excitement of potential. We are a young company that operates with wisdom and experience beyond our years. We think we’ve struck a pretty great balance of fun, ambition, opportunity, and growth.


Alright, the title “Expert” should probably only be reserved for a few people. But, at 4Creeks we’re aiming at earning that standing among our peers and competitors in our industries. We have a vision to be world-class at a few important things. So, we are constantly pushing ourselves and each other to grow and learn and try, to become Experts. Maybe with some hard-work and a little luck, others will be able to look back on our achievements as a whole and say, “they were a group of experts…”

Learn About Our 6 Core Services

We’ve built 4Creeks on the philosophy that we are better and stronger together. Our expertise, experience, and perspective combines to create something greater than if we were individual parts. 4Creeks offers a suite of services that, when combined, delivers something exceptional. We invite you to look at our other services and see how we might create greater benefit to your next project.