Office safety is our top priority.

To ensure 4Creeks can service critical industries like agriculture, solar, construction and municipalities, we have remained open during the entire COVID-19 pandemic. We currently have in-office as well as a remote workforce set up operating at full efficiency to ensure we are doing our part in servicing our local economy.

Guidelines have been put into place in order to protect our staff from exposure and to ensure that we are doing our part in flattening the curve. Some of our current guidelines include:

  • We have restricted in person meetings and have created zoom call options for all reoccurring meetings.
  • All staff members working remote have their phones set up as they would in the office for easy accessibility.
  • All staff members who are in our offices are more than 6ft apart from one another (following the CDC guidelines) and are encouraged to wear a mask when walking through common areas or speaking with others.
  • Our office is being cleaned by an outside service daily to ensure we are doing everything we can to prevent exposure or the spreading of germs.
  • Our staff sanitizes all door handles, conference rooms, and common areas every hour to provide an extra level of safety for our staff.

These guidelines will be in place until the social distancing, CDC guidelines and the Governor’s guidelines have been lifted. In addition, our executive team is meeting weekly to ensure we are on top of new protocol and news so we can continue to keep our staff safe.

Loyal to Local.

We are only as strong as those around us. Local businesses are owned and operated by our neighbors. Behind every local business we have the opportunity to embrace a connection through relationships of people whose livelihood depends on us, through the support of each other and an understanding that in working together we all succeed.  We genuinely celebrate when our neighbors succeed and deeply mourn when they must shut their doors. It is our goal with the Loyal to Local campaign to do our part, in whatever capacity possible, to share our appreciation for local businesses that make our community special.  

4Creeks Loyal to Local Investment

Over the past 4 months, we’ve been investing in our local business during this difficult time.

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