Our Disciplines.

What We Deliver

We at 4Creeks believe in a client centered approach to our work, accompanied by progressive thinking and innovative processes.  Energy, excitement, and expertise are characterized by our staff and design professionals in all aspects of project design and delivery.  A commitment to having fun, learning at all times, trying new things, and producing excellence is embodied by the founders and principals of 4Creeks, Inc


We provide engineering services across many different industries including municipal & government agencies, land development, agriculture, and water resources.


4Creeks Surveying professionals provide our clients with a clear advantage in technical ability, cost, and expertise in every stage of a project.


The Planners at 4Creeks provide innovative and practical solutions in both municipal planning and private land development.


Our experienced construction managers will oversee the planning, coordination, and implementation from beginning to end, no matter the size of the project


4Creeks offers Architectural services ranging from Custom Residential to Municipal Projects.


4Creeks is ready to assist our clients in utility coordination, planning, and design.  We offer Applicant Electrical Systems Design with SCE & PG&E.