Ethiopia Project.

Hospital Leach Field Project

Location: Sodo (ሶዶ), Ethiopia

The Jeffcoach Family (Visalia Natives) moved to Addis Abab, Ethiopia to run a surgery program at a local hospital in the area. This past year they have asked for support in a special project that would benefit the community of Sodo, Ethiopia.

When the hospital was constructed, it was built over a leach field (otherwise known as a septic drain field). Since the hospital sees a high volume of patients and particularly kids, the leach field has become a major problem, prohibiting kids from playing in the area due to the unsanitary septic water.

The Jeffcoach Family are asking for help so as a family of companies, we are excited about this opportunity to have a global impact, and we need your help.

Join the Team:

Join the 4Creeks Ethiopia 2020 team!

We are sending 3 people to Soddo, Ethiopia for 10 days to help with the construction of the new playground and helping mitigate the leach field impacts at the hospital.  4Creeks will be selecting three employees to send as our delegates on this project.  If you are selected you will be responsible for using your PTO for this trip. This opportunity is available to everyone from our family of companies (4Creeks, 4CG Construction, and Sentinel).

Trip Overview:

  • 10-Days trip to Ethiopia
  • First-hand experience helping a community in need
  • Airfare & Accommodations provided by 4Creeks
  • $500 Travel Stipend
  • Time off will be from your PTO
  • Once-in-a-Lifetime experience

If you are interested in going to Ethiopia, please click on the link to sign up.

If traveling to Africa is not on your bucket list, or feasible for you at this time there are some more ways to get involved – check out the lists below.

Other Ways to Participate:

Help Fundraise

  • Donate to the project (pre-taxed from your paycheck)
  • Gather outside donations from friends and family
  • 4Creeks will match donations up to $5,000 raised for the project.

Help Design

  • Sign up to lend your skill to designing the project
  • We will be building a special project team for design / CM that will oversee the project before, during, and after the trip.
  • You don’t have to go to be on the team.

Apply Today:

To get involved by Giving, Designing, or Travelling to Ethiopia – click the link and fill out the form below.