Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center.

4Creeks was hired on as a consultant to assist the Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center with the addition of a new Administration Building and a new Classroom Building. This project also included a number of outdoor facilities. The Land Development team was responsible for designing the site improvements such as sidewalks, ramps, hardscape, basketball courts and parking lot improvements. One unique design feature of this project was the two different drainage systems under the amphitheater as well as the parking lot. For the amphitheater, the 4Creeks team designed an area drain that connected to a dry well in order to prevent flooding in the seating area. For the parking lot, an underground infiltration system was constructed in order to eliminate a ponding basin and to accommodate more space for kids to play outside.

The finished product gave Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center a great space for kids to continue to grow and learn. Through consulting and unique design solutions, 4Creeks was able to get this project submitted and approved in just under 4 months. The new buildings were opened in January of 2019.

Services Provided

  • Survey (Topo)
  • Utility Coordination & Applicant Design
  • Civil Engineering
  • Consulting
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