Farmersville Blvd Widening Project

This project was a large-scale street reconstruction project in the City of Farmersville. It involved approximately 1 mile of widening and street reconstruction on Farmersville Blvd from E. Noble Avenue to Walnut Street. The street construction involved coordination with many residents in the area and the school district. 4Creeks was responsible for construction management and inspection, materials testing, surveying, and labor compliance services. This project resulted in a nice looking entrance into the City from Highway 198. The following are some of the major improvements included with the project:

  • Construction of approximately 2 miles of curb and gutter and meandering sidewalk
  • Construction of 38 commercial & residential drive approaches
  • Installation of 7,500 feet of median curbing
  • Installation of around 5,700 feet of 12”-48” storm drain improvements
  • Grind and removal of existing asphalt concrete pavement
  • Earthwork and grading
  • Placing hot mix asphalt concrete pavement
  • Installation of 2 signal poles and 43 street lights
  • Southern CA Edison company pole relocations
  • Pavement markings and signage
  • Landscaping & irrigation comprising of boulders, rock mulch and over 3,500 plants.

Outcome: The project was completed within schedule and budget. 4Creeks staff saved the City a substantial amount of money and saved the schedule with comments and recommendations made during our preconstruction constructability review of the contract documents. During construction our staff also made value engineering recommendations that resulted in additional savings to the City of over $100,000. 

Services Provided

  • Construction Management
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