McFarland Transformative Planning Study.

Centered around the Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) program objectives, the goal of the McFarland Transformative Planning Study is to identify community concerns and recommendations and develop projects that will ultimately result in improvements in community and economic development. This project is a planning-level study that will be developed in collaboration with McFarland residents from a community-based information gathering process. Through outreach and partnership efforts, including multiple surveys and community meetings, community stakeholders will be invited to pinpoint project locations and make recommendations to help guide the City towards a more sustainable direction.

As the planning consultant, 4Creeks is developing the planning study in close collaboration with the McFarland Tri-Agency, which consists of the City of McFarland, McFarland Unified School District and the McFarland Recreation & Parks District. Through various community engagement and outreach events, 4Creeks aims to facilitate conversation and gather valuable insight from local residents to ensure that proposals will accurately reflect community needs. Based on the cultural and historic context of the City as well as public input, 4Creeks strives to create a shared vision with the community by identifying projects that will help catalyze significant environmental, health, and economic transformation.

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