Tehachapi Park & Ride.

The CMAQ Downtown Park & Ride Facility was constructed on a vacant lot near the heart of downtown Tehachapi, CA. The project goal was to create a new transit hub on 1.8-acre lot, connecting Tehachapi to the surrounding Kern County cities. Overall, the park & ride concept is aimed to maximize carpooling with public transportation. 4Creeks, Inc. was selected to provide engineering services with the goal to maximize the use of space for parking and ease of access to KernTransit. The Park & Ride Facility is composed of a paved parking lot of 110 parking stalls (regular, motorcycle, ADA and van accessible all included), along with bus turnouts, bus shelters, bicycle racks, and an informational kiosk. Construction of the project was completed in just under 7 months, from final plans submitted to operating functioning as designed. Design considerations included safety and use of the facility, utility coordination with SCE, accessibility requirements, as well as working to minimize costs of the overall project.

The City of Tehachapi and 4Creeks were able to take an abandoned railroad property and turn it into a facility that serves the community, local businesses and regional transportation. The parking lot has been monumental in capturing the vanpool community, who were previously parking in various commercial parking lots around town. The lot has also allowed for additional parking space for events happening in downtown Tehachapi. In addition to the parking lot, the bus ridership has increased, and busses no longer have to circle around to get back on route, creating efficiency for the drivers. The Park & Ride offers a unique space that the community is eager to utilize. Community members are able to safely get to and from their destination due to increased lighting and illuminated parking on a main street. People are also able to participate more in events like farmers markets and wine walks due to increased parking and accessibility to events held by the City. From the increased visibility on a main street to the uniquely designed 1.8 acre facility, the park & ride offers members of our community a means to safe and reliable transportation.

Services Provided

  • Surveying
  • Civil Engineering
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